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Executive Coaching for Women in Leadership

I accompany women who prefer not to conform to a role or bend to restrictive leadership patterns. Instead, I want them to lead from within; encouraging, empowering and inspiring their staff so that they too can find their strengths and potential, forming a team that can trust and grow together.

„There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or influence. Those who lead inspire us“ (Simon Sinek)

The thing that stands in our way most in life is not our staff, our colleagues or our bosses: it’s ourselves. With little reflection on our behaviour, we tend to repeatedly react in the same way in difficult situations, reliably producing the same results. Old family dynamics play a strong role here as our character and upbringing are intrinsic to us.

My leadership coaching looks at childhood patterns so that we can uncover beliefs, convictions and behaviours that developed through the family dynamic. This is crucial because our behaviour influences the whole system to which we are dynamically connected. These patterns can be very long-lasting.


I’m Ulrike and I walk alongside women who want to lead independently, consciously and authentically.

About me

Your world is getting bigger!

I’ve been accompanying executives on their own path – in line with their values and needs – for 9 years now and I’m grateful that I’m able to witness how metamorphosis can lead to a self-determined life. When we know what’s important to us and what we stand for, and if we have the right tools, our world becomes bigger!

As a long-standing consultant for agencies, publishing houses and corporations, I know the challenges managers have to deal with. The experiences I had and the mistakes I made over a career spanning 20 years help me empathise with almost every situation I now meet in my work as a coach.

I’m fully-certified and regularly undergo further training and supervision. If you’d like to know more, I’d be happy to email you a PDF of my training and further education programmes as well as my coaching profile.


Through my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several coaches and I can say it’s simply not enough to just do one of the many coaching trainings out there and then get started. As with all professions, coaching needs to be a calling to be truly excellent. That’s what makes the real difference with Ulrike Krasemann. Ulrike doesn’t just have an excellent education, there’s also a very special inner inclination and attitude towards her coaching. Ulrike listens, and she listens attentively. She asks questions, not just to process something, but to really understand the context. She doesn’t push herself into the foreground, but invites, encourages, and inspires. I’m convinced Ulrike Krasemann can help in any situation through her coaching. It’s already worked for me, and I’m looking forward to working with her again. Manager @AUDI

Ulrike is a great, sensitive trainer. Absolutely recommendable. Executive @XING

As a young manager, I was lucky enough to work with Ulrike Krasemann for a few months. The focus of the coaching was to help me find my personal leadership style and deal with the challenging situations of everyday leadership. From the first session, I felt that for Ulrike, coaching and interpersonal cooperation is not a job to be worked through according to a fixed template, but rather one where she responds individually to the needs and values of the client. What I especially appreciated is how Ulrike encourages people to reflect on their own actions, their own needs and their own emotions. In this way, she succeeds in making you understand your own values, thoughts and emotions and teaches you how to implement them effectively in your own work. A great experience that I would not want to have missed! Thank you again, Ulrike! Executive @Tchibo

Ulrike Krasemann is a wonderful coach who guides the process with the utmost confidence and empathy. She gives impulses when necessary, works with exciting methods and led me to points of self-knowledge that were enlightening and really helped move me forward. In just a very short time we have achieved exactly what I was aiming for. Head of HR @Leadership Leagas Delaney

Through targeted questions, attentive listening and the subtle sense of recognizing deeper motivations, Ulrike Krasemann gently, but firmly, steered me on the right track to be able to confidently make a decision about my next professional steps. Many thanks for the great help! Executive @Boston Consulting Group

This world offers endless possibilities every day and that can be a challenge. In the end, it has confronted me with many questions. Who am I and who would I like to be? Ulrike accompanied me in finding my answers in a human way, always professionally and with an impressive attitude. In retrospect, I would like to say that the world has even become bigger. Now I appreciate that. Ulrike gave me a map and a compass. Manager @Jungheinrich

Ulrike’s coaching has made me aware of the tools I already have in hand to face challenges in both private and professional contexts. Ulrike has also enabled me to fully utilise my scope for action and even create better conditions for effective action. I fully achieved the goals I set in the coaching process. I am more in touch with myself, trust my abilities again and have established small routines that give me security in my “learning zone”. In practice, I was able to directly experience how this has a positive effect on my work with my customers, colleagues and superiors. Manager @Otto Group

The coaching with Ulrike has strengthened me in my new leadership role – she has helped me set up the most important road signs, thanks to which I can now take off in an oriented manner as a young leader. In our work together, I was able to experience that I can live a modern leadership image with what I bring to the table. Ulrike worked out the roots with me, which now allow me to grow strongly and with orientation into my new role. Manager @Tchibo

A great listener and analyst; she brings clarity within yourself and your behaviour. Senior Strategy Consultant @Serviceplan

Ms Krasemann succeeded in giving me new self-confidence in a short time. She showed me that I don’t have to become anyone else in order to be a good leader, but rather I already have everything inside me and can do it my way. She was appreciative and warm and presented a wide variety of methods, knowledge and experience. I’m very grateful for this, and am now looking forward to trying out the new tools on my professional path. I would certainly return in case of stumbling blocks along the way! Deputy Pedagogical Director of a child and youth welfare association

Very committed and competent coaching for women in leadership positions – and those on their way to getting there. Ulrike is convincing with her sensitivity and empathy and is thus able to analyse situations keenly. Through recommendations and methods, she offers assistance in optimising one’s own behaviour, establishing new routines and accepting an individual leadership role. Team lead @elbdudler




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